Sustainable Housing
Research Unit

About this unit

Adequate housing should be accessible and affordable by households of varied income levels to achieve its sustainability. Project funding, community participation, monitoring and evaluation and management capabilities are also important factors for any sustainable housing project.

The Sustainable Housing Research (SHR) Unit under the Sustainable Futures Institute of Nexus International University focuses on driving manpower training and development, as well as innovation in applied and impactful research to achieve the goals of adequate, accessible, and affordable housing for micro and macro-economic, social, and environmental development of the society to improve livelihoods and achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our research areas include:


Green Building and Sustainable Housing


Public-Private Partnership Procurement for Sustainable Housing Delivery


Managing Sustainable Housing Projects


Housing Choice and Affordability


Sustainable Housing and Development Goals


Gender, Affordable Housing Rights and Policy


Construction and Demolition Waste Materials Management


Housing and Population Studies

Professional Training Courses

Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Residential Housing and Green Building

Advanced Certificate in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Procurement for Sustainable Residential Housing Delivery

Advanced Certificate in Managing Sustainable Residential Housing Projects

Advanced Certificate in Gender and Sustainable Housing Rights and Policy

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