Project Planning & Management





Project planning and management is a crucial aspect of ensuring the successful completion of any project, regardless of its size or complexity. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, organizations are increasingly turning to advanced short courses to equip their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage projects effectively. An advanced short course in project planning and management typically covers a wide range of topics, including project scope definition, project scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and quality assurance. These courses are designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques they need to plan, execute, and monitor projects from start to finish.

Nexus International University offers flexible and convenient options for individuals seeking to expand their project management skills. NIU often provides access to a wealth of resources, including online forums, discussion boards, and multimedia content. This allows students to collaborate with peers and experts in the field, enabling them to gain valuable insights and develop a comprehensive understanding of project planning and management.


To empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage projects in various industries and sectors.


To provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers the latest project management methodologies, tools, and techniques, while also promoting the importance of continuous learning and professional development.

This offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their project management careers. By participating in such a course, individuals can gain a competitive edge in the job market, while also contributing to the overall success and growth of their organizations.
NIU provides a convenient and flexible platform for accessing high-quality project management education, allowing participants to collaborate with peers and experts in the field.

Project planning and management typically consists of two professional certificates namely;

  1. Fundamental Certificate in Project Planning & Management
  2. Advanced Certificate in Project Planning & Management