Nexus International University launches its first Undergraduate Programmes.

Nexus International University launches its first Undergraduate Programmes.

Nexus International University (NIU) held a press conference on the 6 th of October 2020 at Nexus International offices in Muyenga that featured top Television and Radio media houses in Uganda. These included; NTV, NBS TV, Capital FM Radio Station, KFM radio station, Sanyu FM, Next FM, Salt FM, The Red Pepper newspaper, The Daily Monitor newspaper and The New
Vision newspaper. The University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Magnus Amajirionwu and the Governing council Chairman, Dr. Ham Mulira addressed the press on three major developments at the University;

The upgrade of Akili, our learning management system to a more robust and more comprehensive platform, with more advanced features. It can now take up to 10,000 students in a live lecture, and is expandable to accommodate up to 100,000 within a period of one month or less.
The change of name (from the Virtual University of Uganda) to Nexus International University (NIU), which fits our multinational persona and outlook, and in line with our vision to be ‘Africa’s Global University’. As many of you already know, we were launched in 2011 as the Virtual University of Uganda (VUU). And most of all, the launch of our pioneer undergraduate programmes, starting with the Bachelor of Business Administration & Management (BBAM)

Licensed in 2011 by the Ugandan National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE), NIU was conceived and launched from day one as a virtual (online) university, the first in Africa. The university took on its first batch of students in 2012 and has since then served students from 17 different countries around the world, with virtual live lectures delivered by experienced lecturers from various parts of the world. In the middle of weeding his farm, a student can stop, attend lectures, and then go right back to weeding without leaving his farm so long as there is internet access.
For 9 years, the university offered only postgraduate degrees and professional short courses, in what was considered an extensive pilot. On the back of the resounding success, further confirmed by the COVID 19 experience, we decided to reinforce the university’s assets so it can
serve a bigger and wider audience, in order to fulfil its mission to ‘Deliver Africa’s Education Future, by leveraging technological advancements to provide affordable and internationally recognized quality higher education to ambitious individuals wherever they are, and whenever
they want’. The result of this is the three points highlighted above.
Our pricing is structured to offer affordability and flexibility to students and parents. For the postgraduate diploma and degree programmes, our students pay per module. This gives them the flexibility to not only study at their own pace, but to also pick and study for modules with
contents that they can immediately use in their work and lives. For the undergraduate programmes, the requirement is to pay per term, and there are no additional costs involved.

The Bachelor of Business Administration & Management (BBAM) which starts in October is a 129-credit-units programme admits:
(1) Advanced level holders for the 3-years
(2) Diploma and Higher Diploma holders with professional experience, for the 2-years
The programme aims at building on the competences attained at work and/ or the Diploma and Higher Diploma levels, which are career-centric or vocational in nature into the Bachelor’s level where the graduate’s theoretical context, critical thinking and conceptual frames are essentially
broadened and applied to refine and enhance their professional practices in business development and management. The high school or S6 leavers do an additional year to make up for the lack of experience. It features a challenging variety of core modules such as Economics for Business, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Taxation management, sales and marketing, and many others intended to give students the theoretical basis, technological awareness and social responsibility needed for developing, operating and advancing a business.
At this Bachelor’s level, the learners shall be facilitated to develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that are essential in advancing to managerial and leadership roles in organisations.
We are confident that with our undergraduate programmes, parents and students will have things easier. They will avoid the extra costs and worries involved in having to move their children to foreign environments in quest of quality higher education and internationally recognised degrees. Nexus International University (NIU) brings these to them, with an academic staff made up of seasoned Professors and Doctoral degree holders with extensive
experience teaching in renowned universities around the world. Our quality assurance process has been vetted by the authorities, and is a key strength of our university. We are ready to welcome our children from S6 and high schools in Uganda and Africa.