School of Law and Legal Sciences


School of Law and Legal Sciences

NIU’s School of Law and Legal Sciences is charged with the responsibility of providing qualitative and quantitative legal education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The School equips students with the theory and practice of law, the principles of judicial process, legal development, and legislative drafting. 


A global provider of world-class excellence in legal education, training, research and innovation.


The NIU’s School of Law and Legal Sciences has a multi-faceted mission:
Legal Education – providing relevant and world-class legal education for future leaders in our society. This will be achieved by creating and delivering innovative teaching approaches with learner-centred and focused attention in a multidisciplinary learning environment. 

Erudition  – providing wide-breath of scholarship through a multidisciplinary faculty with global exposure and experience. This approach not only informs and enriches our teaching, but also influences global academic, judicial, and professional discourse on a wide range of legal issues.
Global Service – contributing to the world of ideas and the development of the law and a more just society. NIU Law’s faculty, staff, and students will deploy their expertise to the enhancement, strengthening and driving the intellectual dynamism of the legal system, the rule of law, and the enthronement of a just society at the local, national, and international levels.
Sustainability – stimulating a creative inquiry, critical thinking and thoughtful expression of global citizenship and significantly influencing the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa and globally. This is achieved by the fostering knowledge of and sensitivity to the principles of sustainability in law and society.


The SLLS aims at preparing its graduates to address the many complex legal challenges facing our world that require a broad interdisciplinary perspective to create humane and sustainable localities, nations, and societies. Specifically, the SLLS will: 

1. Impart a sound understanding of law and the intellectual foundation necessary to prepare students for a career as legal professionals who offer professional legal services to the people of Uganda, the East African Region, Africa and globally. 

2. Encourage and support students in acquiring skills in legal analysis, legal research and written and oral communication.

3. Bring students into direct intellectual engagement with the law, an engagement distinguished by rigour, depth and conceptual sophistication, focusing mainly but not exclusively on Ugandan law, and emphasising the use of primary sources.
4. Prepare students them with a strong foundation for professional legal training in the Post-Graduate Bar Course institutions preparing future law practitioners or postgraduate opportunities at NIU or at other higher education institutions.