Entrepreneurship and Innovation License Programme (EILP)




3 Months






$350 (Ugx 1,295,000) per participant.

About the Course

Entrepreneurship Journey and Nexus International University have come up with a 3-months Entrepreneurship and Innovation License Programme (EILP) to respond to youth entrepreneurship challenges.

The EILP targets individuals with a minimum level of secondary school education certificate. The programme will equip African and other youth with practical skills that they will require to start their businesses immediately. For those already in business, the programme skills sharpen their ability to run and manage a successful business. Delivered on a live online platform, the EILP will connect aspiring youth entrepreneurs from different parts of the African continent, facilitating cross-fertilisation of ideas from co-creation teams.

course aim

The overall objective of the EILP is to equip the African youth with the core skills that they required to immediately start their own businesses. Specifically, the programme will:

  1. Equip students with entrepreneurship knowledge, concepts and practices
  2. Examine the rationale for starting a business and managerial techniques critical to success
  3. Investigate and discuss the merits of owning a business and loopholes for failure
  4. Equip students with skills to start a business and instill in them entrepreneurship attitudes to counteract tough business

What you will learn

What you will gain

At the end of this programme, our trainees should be able to:

Learning System Requirement

Every trainee on the programme will be required to possess or have access to a device with an internet connection such as a Personal Computer (PC), a laptop or a tablet, trainees online learning experience will be dependent on their device. Once s/he is connected to the internet, they will have access to our study portal, which is NIU’s virtual classroom.

When logged in, trainees can access all the tools and resources they need to study their chosen topic online. From study materials and schedules, to careers support and chat forums. There may be no need to buy books and other traditional study materials. Instead, everything they could possibly need to succeed in their studies can be found conveniently in one place.

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