Awareness, Prevention, and Control of Hepatitis B in Nigeria

A Baseline Assessment of Schistosomiasis in Mayuge District, Uganda

In Africa, Nigeria is ranked as one of the countries that is hyper-endemic for HBV infection. Approximately nine in ten Nigerians who live with chronic HBV are unaware of their infection status, and are missing from the global public health statistics due to a lack of resources, awareness, and political will for addressing Nigeria’s HBV plight. Consequently, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of HBV in West Africa. The lack of affordable diagnostics—for example specialised immunoassays and nucleic acid tests, as well as the out-of-pocket cost for vulnerable populations, constitute potential barriers to eliminating viral hepatitis B in Nigeria, thus making HBV a significant threat to public health. If suitable health protective measures are in place to prevent, screen, immunise, and treat the target group, hepatitis B can be prevented. Further, clinical and epidemiological research on HBV infections in Nigeria needs to be developed.

Keywords: Awareness, Prevention, Hepatits B and Nigeria.